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Overwhelmed by the challenges of caring for a loved one? There’s a world of caregiver technology that can help. Useful tech tools include apps for medication management, coordinating caregivers, and symptom tracking, as well as websites, wearables, and smart home devices.

We’re working with our state and national partners, as well as experts on aging, to develop a curated list of caregiving tech resources. So far, we have reviewed over 225 apps and other technology in our quest to find the best websites, tools and apps for caregivers and older adults. These offerings have all received high ratings for being easy to use, meeting caregiver needs, having reasonable costs (if any purchases are required), and being recommended by family caregivers. VirginiaNavigator does not use affiliate links and receives no compensation for recommending these tools and products.

Here are some tips for using tech to meet YOUR caregiving needs, because one size does not fit all:

  • Start slow. Begin by exploring a few apps, websites, and tech tools.
  • Check to see if free apps or services have extra costs. Some caregiving apps are free to download, but in-app purchases are required to unlock all the features.
  • Ratings don’t mean everything. While reviews can be helpful, everyone’s needs are different.
  • Give yourself time. It can take weeks of use to determine if a caregiver app or technology will be useful for you.
  • Read the privacy policy. Some technology requires registration, which typically involves providing your name, email, and sometimes other personal information. Trustworthy apps and sites will state clearly how this information is used and protected.
  • Take control of app notifications. Be sure to check your app/tech preferences and adjust notifications as needed.
  • Be curious. Find out if the app or technology has a website that might provide additional information and resources that would be helpful.
  • Stay up to date. To maximize security and improve your user experience, always keep your technology updated.

Ready to explore apps and other technology with the Caregiver Tech Tool Finder?