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When Do You Become a "Senior Citizen"?

George and Carla were amazed when they opened the letter from the AARP. It told them they were now eligible for benefits.

George had just turned 50, but he was healthy and still working. Carla was still just 48. Retirement was something they were looking forward to, but they didn’t see it as imminent.

Consequently, they laughed about the letter, called one another “old,” and threw the envelope in the trash. When Carla mentioned the story to her older sister, though, the lights came on.

By taking advantage of their “old age,” she and George were eligible to save several hundred dollars yearly on their automobile insurance policy. They could also get special discounts on everything from motels to gym memberships.

While many businesses put the entry-level age at 62 or 65, the Golden Years, for most Americans, first come into view with that notification from AARP. By following the link to the Retail Savings for Baby Boomers Guide, you can learn how older adults can save money on everyday purchases – whether they feel like they deserve the designation or not.


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