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Legal and financial support ensures that the rights and needs of older adults are addressed appropriately around legal issues, benefits planning, and life care planning. 

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  • Most people mistakenly believe that creating a will is a one-time task, but estate-planning documents should be reviewed regularly to ensure they still reflect your wishes.

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  • Learn about recommendations to identify yourself as a caregiver in case of emergency.

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  • Family caregiver mediation is a valuable tool for elders and family members to move beyond an impasse to productive decision-making that has, at its heart, the elder's wellbeing.

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  • To help financial caregivers all over the country, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has created state-specific guides and resources for people managing money for older relatives and friends. These guides will make it easier for caregivers to follow Virginia’s unique rules and to find help close to home.

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  • Learn how to plan for the future by taking important steps for getting your legal and financial affairs in order.

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  • If you are a family caregiver of an older adult, are you familiar with tax credits and deductions for older adults and those that you may be eligible for? This article from provides valuable information.

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  • Like many family caregivers there have likely been times when your loved one has needed health care in a hospital setting.  Successfully navigating the resulting health care transition is critical for both the person receiving care and the family caregiver. The CARE Act ensures that family caregivers are clearly identified and receive any needed supports and education before their loved one is discharged home.

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  • The Care Plan Assessment guide from provides a practical framework to assist you and your family as you have discussions about creating and implementing a care plan to ensure that your loved one’s needs are met.

  • The Caregivers' Survival Guide from is an essential resource for all caregivers.